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      Jen Hughes

      Are there any collections managers/archivists here that also manage a related library collection? I am sorting out books that were jumbled into my archive collection into a general reference collection (non-circulating) and a rare books collection  I have never established a collections management policy for a library before, and I especially wonder about retaining more than (2) copies of a rare book. Also, the books I am referring to were published in 1927 and 1943, and I have noticed that these dates aren’t often criteria for “rare” in the collections management policies I have reviewed. I used WorldCat to determine that there are 127 holdings of one book, 27, for another, and 10 for the last. I think that 127 copies belies any definition of “rare”, but I wonder about the other 2 – maybe I should keep more than (2) copies? I already have the books, so it is not a question of acquiring more, it’s about whether or not I should deacession/withdraw the extra copies. I have already selected based on marginalia/historical value and and condition, etc.

      Thank you for your help with this!

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