cleaning museum silver – sodium carbonate or calcium carbonate?

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      Jen Hughes

      Hi everyone 🙂

      I watched the Deborah Long/Care of Metal Objects webinar, and noticed she recommended not using dips, and rubbing the silver with a cotton pad wet with a calcium carbonate/deoinzed water slurry instead.

      A museum professional suggested that I use a Qwicksilver dip kit on my deeply tarnished silver artifacts. It consists of a sodium carbonate/hot deoinzed water dip, which reacts with an included aluminum plate to create an electrolyte reaction to lift off tarnish. I’ve been researching the difference between sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate, and have found that while both are alkaline and metallic carbonates, the sodium carbonate is more electropositive and has a higher PH.

      I don’t have any hollow or concave areas in my silver artifacts – can I dip them in the Qwicksilver solution, or is sodium carbonate too corrosive?

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