Cleaning Glassware/Glazed Pottery

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      Hello everyone,

      I’ve been working with the archivist at our institution (a small two year upper division college) on cleaning up some items that were recently donated to our archives by the estate of a former professor. Our issue is some glassware, that needs a “good soap and water cleaning”, according to the archivist. I’ve been instructed to clean it with Dawn or Ivory soap (just like what you get in the supermarket). I’ve watched a handful of archival training webinars, and had some hands on, on the job training, but I’m hesitant to clean these items with run of the mill dishwashing soap. The items are all in very good shape, and pretty contemporary (at most maybe 30 years old) and include glasses, coffee mugs, and some pewter-ish stein-type mugs with clear bottoms. Should I clean these, with regular dish soap and water as the archivist suggests, or is there another method? We do have some archival quality glass cleaner that we use for displays, should we use this instead? Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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