Cleaning and tagging ceramics

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      I am preparing to catalog several hundred ceramic vessels and other small ceramic objects for an upcoming exhibition. These are works that have never been documented or exhibited before and are currently stored in the (deceased) artist’s home and barn. The works that are in the barn, according to the show’s curator who has done a site visit, are generally dirty and also covered in bird poo. Excellent.

      So, two questions: 1. Any thoughts on how to clean these ceramics? I believe they are mostly glazed stoneware, but am not sure and am leary about submerging them. My current thinking is to clear any surface dirt with a soft brush then perhaps use diluted dish soap and cotton balls, as per a suggestion by one source. 2. I’m looking for recommendations for a reversible, temporary tagging system. My first thought was actual paper tags on string, however what about pieces that do not have a likey attachment point (handle, etc.)? Would low-adhesive tape on the bottom surfaces be out of the question?

      Thanks for any suggestions!

      Kate Montlack

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