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      Ashlie Ross

      At the beginning of next month we are having all of our carpets replaced in our library. The company installing the carpets has ensured that they will take care of all the protecting of book shelves in plastic wrap (they lift the entire shelf in one fault swoop) before using an industrial strength adhesive underneath… but is there anything I should be looking for or concerned about as far as new adhesive spray being used around our books? What extra steps should I take to protect our collection? Has anyone had experience with this?

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      Michael Hosking

      Are they using a spray method or some other method for distributing the adhesive? Our contractor did not spray, as a result it was much easier for them to control where this goes. I would also request that they use a low Volatile Organic Compound, or VOC, adhesive, if one is available. I know these are harmful to us and collections. I believe even the carpet can emit VOCs but have not really researched this. At least if you request this of the adhesive, it minimizes the pollutants as a result of this project.

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