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      Hello – we are a historic house museum with lots of linens. A few belonged to the owners, some are vintage pieces donated over the years, and some are reproductions created specifically for the house.  We are inventorying the house now and are sorting through which pieces fall into which category. But I see a problem that needs to be addressed soon, and would appreciate advice.

      Several of the pieces that belonged to the owners – tablecloths and monographed napkins for instance – have been on display for many years. I have been told that in years past they were occasionally taken home by someone to be washed, starched and ironed and then the tables were reset exactly as they were. My inclination is to give these pieces a rest by taking them out of exhibit for awhile and storing them appropriately, but should I do anything about cleaning them, other than vacuuming?  I am noticing brown spots on some pieces.

      Thanks in advance —



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