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      Hello! I’m glad to see non-profits, specially historical institutions, taking the leap into niche social networking! I also manage a buddypress supported site and have identified a number of bugs. I thought this might also serve as a nice place for others to post bugs they have found and suggest ideas for new features.

      So, here goes –
      1. The “Mention this User” button is no longer need since activity updates have been disabled on this installation.
      2. The @mention span.activity ? thingy next to the username in the member-header.php is broken – possibly a jquery issue?

      3. I find it slightly confusing that there is simply one group that all discussion occurs within. Perhaps a clearer navigation to the forum will help with this?

      4. Commas in the about section of a user’s profile try to create tags from language that shouldn’t be tagged. I believe Boones Gorges from CUNY Academic Commons has posted a fix for this issue at some point on buddypress.org.

      5. Group creation hasn’t been disabled from the dashboard as it should, because spam groups are still being created as seen at connectingtocollections.org/groups.

      6. The activity feed is also accessible from connectingtocollections/activity.

      I’ll continue to noodle around and see what turns up. In any event, great site!

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