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      Hello Again,
      The historic building I work in has had numerous extensions and renovations occur to it over the last 200years. New wings, new moulding, paint jobs, etc… Over the years some of the building has been renovated to be moder/present day and other sections have been restored to their hey-day in the 1800s. During this renos or construction projects bits and bobs (moulding, core samples, paint chips, etc) have been kept by us in curatorial as we are the advocates for maintaining historical accuracy during the renovations and we feel like these materials should be kept for research purposes and for help during and repairs or future renos.
      My question to you folks is how would you classify these bits? I’m not sure it is worth it to accession them but I’d like to keep track of them somehow. Suggestions?

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      The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a policy on this issue (first attachment), and we added a section to our Collections Management Policy (second attachment, p.57) to deal with it.

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