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      After working in my current position for about 2 years, I think I’m finally ready to tackle some of our undocumented archival collections. I’ve gone back and forth about the best way to handle these collections, and I think Finding Aids of the EAD variety will probably work best. Here’s my problem. I have no way to purchase new software (nor the IT infrastructure for open source options like Archon) or add much content to our institutional website. I’ve looked through countless sample sites, recommended sites, and forums. I’ve even been in touch with a state organization that was offering Finding Aid creation/hosting/storing but is no longer able to do so. I know many people who have finding aids online already had paper versions of these and just migrated, but we currently have nothing.

      So, here is my question. How can I create usable finding aids for my vertical files and archival collections that can be accessible to my users? I have an online catalog that could probably support a link to a pdf file (which I may be able to finagle), but that seems so static to me. Does anyone have any suggestions about a way to make these items findable? I would be more than happy to go into further detail about what we actually have, but I thought I would throw the question out here, first. I am open to suggestions since we are starting from scratch. I’m just getting tired of looking through file folders item by item every time I am looking for something :-)

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