best pencil/pen for marking resin-coated backs of photos?

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      Charlene Martin

      Hi everyone, hope all is well!

      I tried using a Prismacolor Non-photo blue 919, but it is difficult to print with it unless I write with large strokes. I understand that even if I use waterproof, felt-tip pens to mitigate smearing and leaving indentation on the emulsion side, the ink with eventually come through.

      Does anyone have any pencils they would recommend, that seem a bit smoother/easier to print with? If you think I should be using a film marking pen, please recommend one too – maybe I am just being too paranoid.

      Thank you!

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      Chanin Voss Scanlon

      Hi Charlene:

      I use the cretacolor monolith 6B graphite pencil 204 06 Austria. I too was having the same problem with the resin coating and finally found a posting that mentioned the graphite pencil. I tried it and low-and-behold….

      Hope this helps.

      Chanin Voss Scanlon
      Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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      Margaret Cotrufo

      I use Schwan Stabilo #8041 Aquarelle. It states on the pencil: for paper, glass, plastic, metal. It has a very smooth, soft (like a colored pencil), dark-colored lead. Easy to write with, no pressure needed to get a dark color. I can write small with it, no problem, if the lead is sharp. It is recommended in the world of scrapbooking as the archivally correct pencil to use for writing on glossy photos. I was told to sharpen the pencil with an eyebrow pencil sharpener because of the very soft lead, however I have used a regular cheap tiny handheld pencil sharpener with success if I work gently. I have not bought this pencil in a very long time but I think this is the pencil at Dick Blick

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