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      I am looking for suggestions on how to build or develop a temporary artifact enclosure to hide a large artifact from sight in our gallery space.
      Back Story: About 10 years ago, our museum developed a “permanent” exhibition. As part of the exhibition, they acquired a large artifact (roughly 90.5″ x 30″) to display. The artifact made its way into the first floor of our building by crane and through double doors. We are now undergoing a restructuring/redesigning of this exhibition because it has become outdated and the artifacts definitely need a break from climate and light exposure, including this large artifact which is made of wood and iron and weighs approx. 500 lb. or more. In addition, the provenance of the artifact is weak (I think at the time of exhibition development 10 years ago, they were just looking to fill a large space in the gallery!)
      We have consulted several sources and there is no logistical way (too large for our elevator and too heavy to move down a flight of stairs) for us to move the artifact into our lower level collections storage. We may have another local museum that is willing to take the artifact on long term loan, however, it might be a year or more before that happens and we need to continue on with the restructuring/redesign. Therefore, we are looking for consultation as to ideas and suggestions (material, structure etc.) on how to temporarily hide the artifact from sight so that we can continue to design our exhibition and use this space to tell a more meaningful story.

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