Archival Textile Storage Boxes

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      Dorothy Pope

      Haven’t order boxes in some time and previously got our supply from Light Impressions. Have heard recently they are not reliable and wonder what other suggestions folks might have. Gaylord and Archival Methods are considerably more expensive. Any suggestions welcome!

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      Janice Klein

      A recent discussion on the RCAAM listserv led us all to believe that Light Impressions was not fulfilling orders in any kind of timely way (to put it politely). What about University Products?


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      Jane Dalley

      I suggest Conservation Resources International at It’s a family run business and the owners actually work in the office.


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      Contact Gaylord Brothers to be added to their catalog mailing which has sales that last for several months and email lists which routinely run special extra sales for a short period; also follow them on Facebook for even more opportunities to save on select items. Using prices in a current Gaylord “sale” catalog which is good through 31 Dec. document boxes are less than Conservation Resources. I have used Conservation Resources for items I could not obtain anywhere else or in the amount I needed for special exhibit installation and they were very accommading, but I routinely save a considerable amount with Gaylord’s sales for archival needs.

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      Miriam Kahn

      I would also talk to Hollinger Metal Edge They have a wide selection of boxes and will work closely with you.

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      Nancy Barthelemy

      I’ve had better luck with University Products than Gaylord. Gaylord has more of a tendency not to have supplies in stock–a problem when I need certain items within a month or so.

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      Two suggestions:
      1- Hollinger/Metal Edge manufactures many of the boxes sold by other companies, so they often have lower prices and a great selection.
      2- The best way to get a good deal through Gaylord is to talk to Kristen Hodge, their Archival sales rep (, who may be able to get you a discount and can advise you on products.

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      Vern Raven

      If you only need a few boxes quickly “The Container Store,” if there is one near you, has some acid free storage products.

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      Dorothy Pope

      Thank you all for some great ideas! Appreciate the help!

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