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      I want just to have fresh impressions in the use of “old” classics solutions often used in photograpic prints.

      One of them will be Hyamine I1622 from Rohm and Haas or, like Grant Romer called it, diisobutyl-cresoxy-ethoxy-ethyl-dimethyl benzylammonium chloride.

      I think I only used it once in their commercial presentation. Most of type I used derivates.

      I will like to hear about experiences with Zinc fluosilicate and why not, I never get tired of hearing about tri-chlore-ethane (here I know am not spelling it right in english, sorry) and chlore-ethylene.

      It its my personnal impression that results vary a lot from case to case. It its due to temperature but mostly to the shape of the layer shape (his conservation level) so the most impressions I hear (and the most detailed possible) the better for me.

      Kind regards,

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