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      We have a pile of posters (from 12″x 12″ to 36″x 48″) with another large lot due to arrive any day. Most are printed both sides. When possible, I write the accession number in pencil in a bottom corner, but many of these are glossy and/or dark. Is there any good way to get an ID number on these without it being permanent damage? We separate them with archival tissue between each one, but any advice on handling these would be appreciated.

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      Jenny Arena

      Judith, I took a look at “New Museum Registration Methods.” Under Ephemera it recommends to use a Stabilo All pencil or wax pencil for glossy papers. On materials with double-sided printing it recommends putting the number in the lower corner on the side that is less likely to be displayed.

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      Jenny, thanks. I think wax pencil is an interesting recommendation – I’d be worried about it rubbing off in general and specifically on anything it was near. The Stabilo pencil is interesting – I might even try it on some of the plastics we have. And it comes in white, too!

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