Reply To: washing textiles in 70% ethanol and 30% water solution?

Charlene Martin

Thank you Dale for this extra information. The 70/30 ratio was included in a 2012 post on this board about mold on a corn husk doll, but I didn’t seek additional authoritative sources.


I was reviewing the Tara Kennedy webinar from Feb. re: mold when I noticed your post. She addressed lowering the temp. to freezing to kill active mold, but added that air-drying can reactivate it.  Dale, I am able to maintain 30% RH in my collection – so according to what you mentioned, the spores (not the mold) would be dead and in a dried state that will facilitate the mold and spore removal? Tara recommended a HEPA vacuum to remove the dried mold/spores, is that all that is needed? Are there recommended HEPA vacuum/filter brands/models, or can I be cost-effective when I shop?


Thank you to everyone who joins this discussion, I am learning a lot!