Reply To: Using barcodes


We do use barcodes on boxes that contain material and in association with books.  The barcodes have the letters/numbers printed below the bars so that the code is readable and can be typed or read if there is no scanner.  The barcodes are attached to the outside of boxes.  When used with books, the barcodes are attached to acid/lignin free flags.  The flags also include author/title or other identifying info incase the flag and the book becomes separated.  We have found the barcodes useful when moving material since they can be used to quickly update a database (or spreadsheet) with the new location.   Their use can be more problematic on other types of objects.  If you should decide to use them, be sure the ink is a type that won’t smudge and that the adhesive is reasonable archival (not sure adhesives are every truly archival…)