Reply To: tracking archival materials on display


Sounds so like my situation, but we have a library instead of an archive. For print materials (newspapers/magazines/advertising) I use our mission as a guideline, anything pre-1940 becomes part of my collection. Items donated that are newer and items having to do with the history of the Museum are part of the Library collection, that has their own recording system, or under the care of the “office” staff. Anything that becomes part of my collections is numbered and recorded as accessioned. I have had to tweak the existing numbering system to account for items with poor records, but after 1 year on the job systems seem to be in place and bring the collection under control.
Good Luck and remember to record any and all of the changes you are implementing, I try to think of it as, if I walked away from my job is there enough info for someone else to just pick up where I left things?