Reply To: tracking archival materials on display

Charlene Martin

Thank you for the ideas so far. After I completed my initial collections survey, I saw the makings of a library (including rare books), an archive, records collection groups, and a museum.


In my experience, archival items like newspapers and pamphlets do not receive individual item numbers, but are cataloged under collection/series/folders. So how does this sound? After these archival items are rotated out of display, I retain the database museum accession record, and indicate their “retired” location as archival collection_____, series_____, folder_____. Any replacement archival materials will also receive an accession number for tracking purposes.


Leanne, I agree about placing limits on what is allowed to be on display. I think I can make that possible with decent display replicas and duplicates.


P.S – I’m definitely creating a manual, if not just to remember how/why I made certain decisions!