Reply To: Surveillance Systems for Small Museums

Les Kacev

A few comments that might help:

1. Having security cameras is a deterrent to theft or vandalism because people know they are being watched.

2. Wireless should only be considered if hard wired systems are impossible to install. They can easily be hacked and provide criminals with access to what you consider valuable in your collection.

3. Speak too a security professional whether an analog or IP system is best for your needs. Both can be viewed remotely and can email or text alarms.

4. Systems with built in analytics are available today. Not only can they record on motion, but they can “track” movement [by this I mean “follow” people as they move through the museum].  Rules can be defined to highlight suspicious behavior and send an alarm.

My advice is to clearly lay out your objectives and then design a system to match your requirements and fit into your budget. If need be, plan the system and then implement in phases as budget becomes available. Grants are available for security projects, or museum patrons can be approached to fund such projects. Well planned and executed surveillance systems are almost mandatory for any institution with valuable or historically significant artifacts.

Email if you would like to discuss this topic further.