Reply To: Storage of a sword

Ella Rayburn

Hi Megan:  University Products or Gaylord are my usual suppliers.  You may wish to consider buying blue board and make your own sword box.  A tube or “square tube” as I liked to call it, used for map or rolled item storage,might be long enough; or cut one down to fit on another one using hot glue or since on the outside, good packing tape.

The belt should be stored separately.  Gaylord has some 3 inch high boxes that might work well for the belt.  I would pad the box with appropriate tissue / polyester (read Gaylord’s description of which tissue for animal products) and pad the  belt so it does not get a pair of creases or cracks.  Might want to put tissue or acid free paper between the buckle and the leather.  Buckle might have a tendency to have some green oxidation where it meets the leather.  Better to remove the buckle for storage.