Reply To: Selling

Carrie C

All of these suggestions are spot on and I hope you find them helpful. I would like to follow up Sarah’s comment about informing the media/public. It is increasingly important that collecting institutions be transparent in their operations. You don’t want to go and deaccession a bunch of objects and not be open about it only to have someone find out about it and try to make your institution look like it is hiding something. Even something as simple as making a spreadsheet of the deaccessioned works and listing them on your website, or in a blog post, will allow the public and/or future donors to see what it no longer pertinent to your collection. This will also show future donors what sort of objects you are no longer interested in and may save you from undesirable offers. The Cleveland Museum of Art currently has a section on their website devoted to deaccessioned art that is viewable to anyone. (