Reply To: Removing Floor Wax from Vinyl Record


Hi Jackie, my name is Luiza, vinyl is relatively forgiven and resistant matter when treat it with caution.  I had cleaned many before.   Kerosene is good option, if works,  no need for nothing else.  Not only clean but can protect. Since is very flammable make sure y used in an open area with good ventilation….  remove all dust first, using air preferable so no risk of scratch –  if not possible, use a soft brush – you need to know how ,   dust can scratches the surface…   try to applied with swabs or cotton and not rub in it but rolling  around during application. I am not sure if you can understand me – as I said, the technics to do the application plays a very important part, not just the right product.  If is there any question you can email to: Good luck!