Reply To: Questions regarding Deeds of Gift

Patricia Miller

Just to muddy the water, or perhaps to offer a different route for the future when you have things in your possession that have been there a long time, but there is no Deed of Gift, Marie Malaro offers another way to go besides sending a Deed of Gift form. She calls this “confirming” the gift, if the donors are still available. This consists of sending a letter to the donor asking the donor to sign a confirmation that X period of time ago he or she gave an object (described) to the museum and that it was unrestricted, etc. This information is included in the section on Deeds of Gift. This process establishes the time when the charitable contribution was made. See Malaro, Marie C., and Ildiko DeAngelis. A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections. 3rd ed. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Books, 2012.

Pat Miller