Reply To: Photographs that cause image tranfers


IPI has a print identification resource, This may be helpful in identifying your prints. Start with the “Compare” module.

Image transfer of photographs is often due to the presence of platinum. Your prints may be a warm platinum print–platinum prints can have a range of image tones from brownish to neutral-black or have a yellow-brown cast to the paper from poor processing. Warm platinum prints could be made by altering the temperature of the developer or by adding various chemicals, such as mercuric chloride to the developer or sensitizer. Commercial studio portraits were frequently in paper folders. The print may also be toned with platinum, such as a matte colldion. However these tend to have more neutral tones. Under magnification, a platinum print (with no coating) the paper fibers will be clearly visible. If you look along the edges for areas of mechanical damage it will be evident whether the image bearing material is in the paper or in a binder layer (i.e. collodion).