Reply To: PEM2 Dataloggers: what usb drive to use?


Dear Amy,

We’re thrilled that you are considering purchasing the PEM2. They are a fabulous investment for your environment monitoring needs and I thank Kristy for the great review! Although we recommend using the IPI flashdrive because we know that works with the PEM2 you can use other flashdrives. But, we have come across issues with some of the newer flashdrives with the PEM2 and these issues include an insufficient amount of power in the flashdrive to communicate with the logger. Sometimes the flashdrives also come with data files which can interfere with the the flashdrive communicating with the logger. I would recommend calling our technical support person Angelique Armstrong who would be very happy to answer your questions about the PEM2 and suitable flashdrives at 585 475 7125 or at Sincerely,

Shae Trewin,

Preservation Environment Specialist, Image Permanence Institute.