Reply To: Off-Site / Public Exhibits P&P


Sheila – Thank you. Please post docs here or send to I appreciate it!

Susan Barger – Long time! Great to ‘see’ you again.  Thank you for your feedback.  Very useful for developing a framework.  I also like the idea of the traveling exhibit. I just initiated a regional Museum Meet-Up for our rural museums. One of the goals is to share traveling exhibits – I would love to talk off list about how this has worked for you.

Judy – Thank you! I really appreciate that doc.  Exactly what I was looking for!  I can use this as a starter doc and adjust to our needs.  IOU!

Claudia – Thanks for the link.  Great resources that I was not aware of that will definitely help as we develop and update P&P docs for the Museum.

Thanks to everyone for responding and sharing your resources.  We are celebrating 50 years as an historical society this year. While the collection have been well preserved over the years, we are also in the midst of a shift in practices, policies, and procedures to bring us up to date with current best practices. The Board is very supportive of this shift and our volunteers are working in stride, but we have a ways to go. Borrowing from tried and proven practices is helping us get there!