Reply To: Off-Site / Public Exhibits P&P

M. Susan Barger

Berlin – Ten years ago, I was in charge of getting small low security exhibits out to small museums in New Mexico. We used a simple loan agreement that included the dates of the exhibit, contact information for lender and borrower institutions, a brief description of the show and contents, and what we expected in terms of care for the exhibit. I also made a one page facilities report – I think I can dig up a copy of that if you would like it, but not the loan agreement.

Currently, I am taking care of a no-security traveling exhibit as part of outreach for the state museum to rural communities here. The current show is basically two sided outdoor vinyl panels that were designed in InDesign on free-standing supports. These have beautiful reproductions of art work in the big museum. The show has ten panels and can be put up or taken down in less than an hour,  put in the back of a car and taken to the next place. It can be configured in many ways to fit different venues and it can even have pieces shown in several different places like a treasure hunt. This show has been very successful and people are impressed at the quality of the panels – they didn’t expect to have such a beautiful exhibit.