Reply To: No descreen on our new HP 7610 scanner monster printer Wonderful but… HELP!?

Ed Sharpe

José  yes,   that is  fine  for one at a time   things…   but I have  ‘toy  scanner  a  c8180 all in one and it has the descreen built in  aand i do not have to go  outside the scanning  process….

I played  with demo  finereader by abbyy  but    that  did not  add any descreen to the  hp7610…

Now if  I use vuscan  I can set it  to  read stuff  with  dot patterns  but the internal ocr is really acking even c0mpared to  readiris….. actully  the readiris  tht cam  fro  free  with  these  things  does pretty  well .. it is not  even the  14  version.

I think  wht needs to be  done  is the  officejet development team needs a wakeup call on  this.

why do not I use the  c8180?   heh no doc  feeder!   and  the  7610 has doc feeder