Reply To: Museum Theft Alert

Mark Ross

As you know there are many different threats to archives, the top three are Fire, Theft and vandalism.  
Firstly let me share with you two videos that are extremely helpful in helping people understand the types of thefts that occur as it relates to theft of archives.
The first video titled. “Protecting Our National Treasures: The Impact and Prevention of Archival Theft” . A group of Panelists discussed the methods and processes used to prevent the theft of archival materials from institutions like the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian. 
They examined the balance between providing access to researchers and visitors while maintaining security. The information contained in this video is outstanding, and would be valuable tool in educating your attendees on Archival Theft. The video is 1 hour long and every minute of it is excellent.
Here is the link:
The second video is from 60 minutes, it is titled “National Archives Treasures Targeted by Thieves” it covers the story about Barry Landau who committed the largest archival thefts in the U.S. This is good for your attendees because it highlights the cons that this man used to steal many archive documents and objects etc.
Here is the link:
I have also added some additional resources below, I have many more than what is listed, to include what I have seen while performing security assessments, I did not want to overload you with information so I did not include those.
Other Resources:
Also a very good manual on Library Security:

Northeast Document Conservation Center: 
3.11 Collections Security: Planning and Prevention for Libraries and Archives: