Reply To: Marking objects with pen and ink

Sharon McCullar

I have had some trouble getting a paper label to stick to some objects – specifically the bottom surface of ceramics – I have tried it on the glazed and unglazed areas – these are crocks manufactured ca 1900s for food storage and also china place setting pieces (plates, cups, bowls, etc).

I typically use the base coat-inked mark-top coat method on most materials that can accept such a method and have also found that sometimes my inked mark (even after 24 hour drying time) dissolves on contact with the top coat.  Sometimes the inked mark will “slide” and become illegible but not dissolve completely.  Am I trapping moisture between the layers of B-72?  This happens randomly.  I use a Rapid-o-graph pen and black Rapid -o- Graph india ink.  B-72 bottom coat and top coat.  I have also tried a B-72 base coat and a Soluvar lacquer top coat.

Thanks to all who participate in this forum – lots of great advice!