Reply To: Humidification systems

Richard Kerschner

This is simply a steam humidifier similar to those used in museums. It will use a lot of electricity to boil the water to create steam, but steam is the best way to add moisture to your hot air system. If you do not have a ducted hot air system, it will blow steam directly into the room. I am not familiar with this company, but similar units are made by DriSteam and Nortec. We like the Nortec models that have the plastic container that you throw away once a year or so. If your water is at all hard, all the minerals will be left behind and you will have to clean out this stainless steel cylinder. It is much easier to discard Nortec’s plastic container of minerals once a year and replace it with a new container. The Nortec models last longer because they do not have to deal with the mineral buildup.

Ultrasonic humidifiers or cool mist humidifiers can introduce a fine white mineral powder into the air which can settle on artifacts unless distilled water is used. Steam humidifiers will leave the minerals behind in the cylinder.