Reply To: Handheld scanners?


The convenience of the FlipPal is great, and I’m glad that it captures up to 600 ppi, but I wish it allowed saving files as uncompressed TIF’s rather than compressed JPG’s. I’ve talked to representatives who tell me that the 600 ppi scan is not interpolated or enhanced, and saves as a low-loss JPG (around 10 of 12 on Photoshop’s compression scale). The 300 ppi scan does have some type of image enhancement (but they did not go into detail about whether this means sharpening, but said “it is not strictly bit for bit scan.”

Many grant projects require saving images as uncompressed TIF’s, so I can not use this for museum and archive scanning projects, but love the idea of using it at “scan-a-thons” or when going to lenders’ houses.