Reply To: furs, weevils, and mothballs?

Rachael Arenstein

As the co-chair of the IPM Working Group which created the website, I want to point out that the whole reason for the site is to present the information in context in the way suggested by Valeria.  So that even museum staff without much background can educate themselves on the issues, see what their options are and choose the one best for their collections and budget.  But to reiterate what Janice pointed out, bagging with moth balls won’t kill the infestation.  Freezing, which is the method of choice for skins and textiles will and is often less involved than anoxia.  The procedures in the Solutions section of the museumpest website point out the important steps necessary to safeguard items during this process.  While a home freezer won’t do the trick, bagging and using cold storage will at least slow down the activity giving you some more time to make a decision.