Reply To: furs, weevils, and mothballs?


Many thanks Rachael for sharing this information about the next IPM for Collections training at the AIC Annual Meeting 2013 in Indianapolis, next May.

I wanted to share that information of the workshop in Austria so that more colleagues in America are familiar with the problem of pest control related with climate change. The effects of global warming have resulted already with the proliferation of new insect pest problems likely to be encountered in many museums, collections, archives and historic houses in various climate systems (e.g. due to floods, excess of moisture in the soil or droughts, as well).

Insects (as well as mold infestations) become more resilient to the new environmental conditions thus more complex to eradicate the problems in different regions of the world. The emphasis by Mr. Child is on pest-prevention, monitoring traps, training staff the look for bugs, insects and rodents (where they mate, locate nests and specially during the Spring seasons when they recreate and others), avoid consuming food in the premises that you store collections since it will attract pests, identify sources of objects/items that can be attacked and relocate them to make it more difficult by boxing materials at risk (by creating physical barriers) and carrying out surveys as the key to have a successful IPM. He addressed that these methods should be in practice and not only consider various physical and chemical control measures; without then analyzing and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages in the building, storage areas, exhibitions, and loan policies among others. The decision-making progress needs to have consideration of finding procedures that are environmental (mainly green) measures and avoiding risks to other objects and/or personnel handling the materials. Therefore, the proper detection, identification of insects and insect damages on objects and/or collections are essential. These are some of the ideas and his work. His talk during the Climate for Collections Conference 2012 in Munich was really worthwhile and very useful information for collections conservators, keepers and custodians of holdings.

Hope this information will be helpful.