Reply To: furs, weevils, and mothballs?


Dear Colleagues,

I think that this topic is so important nowadays that many institutions and collections have mold and insects infestations due to the change of temperatures resulted from climate change and global warming.

I do not think that it’s a good idea to such send different methods of getting rid of infestations such as anoxia chambers, freezing and others to end-users without really sharing good and bad results obtained. There are many procedures but it depends in the specific situation that you have. I recommend you to read about it but also contact an entomologist to be certain that your technique will not have negative effect on other items in your collection thus health hazards for people handling the objects. There are a lot of things out there that different folks are using to erradicate insects infestations. Get well informed before trying these methods on objects. This forum is a good tool to share what works? and what doesn’t?

Valeria Orlandini

Conservator of Works on Paper, Parchment and Photographic Materials

AIC, Professional Associate