Reply To: Exhibition Lighting


For locating a qualified and experienced museum lighting designer, I recommend starting with the IALD – the International Association of Lighting Designers – They have a geographic member locator on their website:


For learning about solid-state lighting (LED, OLED) and their limitations regarding color maintenance and drift over the life of the lamp, lumen output over time and efficiency drift, warranties to ask for when purchasing LED sources, I highly recommend obtaining and studying the online publication from the Getty Conservation Institute Museum Lighting Project
Guidelines for Selecting Solid-State Lighting for Museums

The entire Museum Lighting Research project at the GCI is extremely thorough with many museum lighting-critical studies and can be viewed at

Conservation scientist Joseph Padfield has assembled an important museum lighting web resource at the National Gallery of London’s exceptionally complete study of museum lighting spectral power distribution curves – SPD – the relative spectral energy output of many museum light sources, including LED’s and halogens, and their relative potential to do harm to light-sensitive museum collections can be found at: