Reply To: Exhibition Lighting


You are welcome! Note that while many manufacturers claim that solid state (LED) lamps will last about 30 times as long as  incandescent lamps, there are two key caveats they frequently fail to mention: The color- and lumen consistent output of a high quality, aluminum-reflector, full-spectrum MR-16 (Ushio EuroStar Reflecto 35 watt) is around 2625 hours or 262 exhibition days in our testing here at the O’Keeffe Museum. LED lamp manufacturers claiming 30 times the life:

Have OFTEN not tested one of their lamps for the full 78,750 hours – 3281 DAYS burning 24 hours a day or 9 YEARS OF 24-PER-DAY testing to make certain their lamps truly meet this claim.  Most LED lamps currently on the market have been manufactured commercially for less than 3 years.  It is impossible to test the accuracy and precision of that claim.
Second, while the lamp may indeed light up after 6000 hours, the color balance and lumen output may have fallen off dramatically, making the lamp unusable. Only a very small number of manufacturers guarantee color maintenance and lumen output for 5 years or 18,250 hours. You would need a LED lamp to meet that performance standard to actually make the lamp cost effective enough so that the cost of energy saved, the BTU’s of heat not produced in the summer, the labor saved of changing lamps 7 times and the cost of repeated purchase ordering ended up actually saving the user money.

Those guaranteed LED lamps are out there and there will be more and more of them in the coming years.  But right now, you REALLY have to do your homework to weed-out claims that are not backed-up with a money-back guarantee.