Reply To: Displaying a car with the door open–how to keep people out


Signs are not very effective in keeping people off your vehicles.

We use several different methods. First go-to is rope it off, which is something we also use to keep people from walking into propellers. Another method is to set a vignette in such a way as to block physical access but still allow visual access. For one car we have in our Nat Parks exhibit we have a camp chair and travel gear, in another spot between an 1931 Eaglette plane and a hot air balloon basket we put fake grass and a picnic spread. In another automobile we have things on the seats: a camera, hats, maps, etc. These methods deter all but the most determined “look at me driving/flying this antique” visitors. Last method we use is height, if people can’t get into the vehicle without a lot of effort or climbing they will just look and move on. we have put planes and autos on blocks to give them just enough lift to keep people out.

Leanne Wright

Collection Manager

Poplar Grove Vintage Wings & Wheels