Reply To: Displaying a car with the door open–how to keep people out

Deena Sasser

Thanks for your feedback.  Sadly yes, our patrons are that bad.  We found someone on the very top of a locomotive a week ago.  We have frequent problems with people disregarding chains, stanchions, ropes, caution tape, etc.  There are no steps to many of our rail cars, and yet people will haul themselves up onto them, climbing over railings, too.  It’s a nightmare.  I have suggested placing a dummy in the driver’s seat, but we don’t have a full body mannequin right now and we can’t really justify the cost at this time.  I also suggested putting a stuffed sheepdog on the seat with a clock around its neck or a fake case of plutonium (guess what kind of car it is?).  I was half kidding, but only half.  I may try to revisit the vignette idea.  I don’t want to cheese it up (the dog), but in the interest of preserving the vehicle, I may have to find a middle ground.

The owner of the car is adamant that people not get in it.  It’s a pop culture icon, so people will want to act like they’re in the movie and get inside.