Reply To: decision-making criteria re: loaning core/primary artifacts


Charlene, I am sorry we were not able to answer your question yesterday on the webinar, but I would be glad to address it now. The element of the collections management policy here that pertains to your question is as follows: “The Foundation does not lend objects required for its own exhibitions or study.” This is a broad statement but it does not refer to a core group of artifacts because we do not have that category among our collections. Every loan request is evaluated on its merits, but we start with a restrictive statement so that we can be more lenient if the occasion calls for it. I feel that is easier to begin with a strict stance, and become more generous if need be. In previous policies I have written, we stated that our museum would lend only to accredited museums — in practice we were more lenient, but that policy statement certainly made a stand for strict requirements for borrowing institutions.

If I have not answered your question completely, please let me know, and I shall try again.