Reply To: Cutorial Committee

Sharon McCullar

It was pointed out to me just recently by a colleague that the perspective of a person with duties to care for the collection – rather than duties that revolve around use,display, or interpretation of artifacts and hands on use object – is imperative and healthy for the institution. This was quickly followed by a discussion of why 100 year old tools would not be used to pound something for an exhibit display.
Collection management by persons whose primary goal is to care for the objects and make sure they are cared for properly is essential to the goals of all other departments/staff. Without the collection, no other functions of the institution can follow. Destruction through neglect, active damaging use, or improper storage eventually harms all aspects of the institution.
A committee won’t be able to take the one-on-one care of the collection – especially one where no individual has the training to set priorities or advocate for basic care, documentation, and research.
My 2 cents worth.