Reply To: confused by contradicting info re: color photo storage


Alkaline materials presents in buffers cannot migrate from the enclosures to inside the color photo binders, so they shouldn’t represent a menace, thats because they are no longer “forbidden” in the ISO standars anymore.

However am working now with a large color film photo archive who has suffered water damage and I see how all the films where affected by humidity in a way that their binders where softened and have now traces of the plastic original sleeves. In some cases they suffered from direct water contact and there’s any level of damage present, from small traces to total destruction. I wonder if in some cases like this wich will be the role of the alcaline compounds presents in enclosures.


For me is like using glassine:  it may be ok but if someday there’s a water damage, that kind of material can become a lot more harmful.  So, in archives where safety is not very waranteed, I try to avoid a little bit this kind of potential harmful materials.


In any case, speaking of color photography, the first and only real effective conservation mesure we must try to guaranteed is the cold storage.