Reply To: Condition Report Form for Banners/Flags

Sharon F. Corey

Thank you Sarah for your reply!

It is so good to hear from you! I am not sure why I hadn’t thought to check my MuseumWise – Care and Handling of Costumes and Textiles course material. I was just asked last week for help with this particular item. I have panicked (sort of) because it is so historic and it is in pretty bad condition. It is more of a banner than a flag. I haven’t had a chance to examine it up close as it is hanging over a huge window (horrors!). Most of the damage that I can see right away is due to fading. I took some photos of it then my camera quit (I dropped it over the holidays). I have purchased a new camera and just as soon as I can read the How To Get Started Guide for it (old camera was Nikon and new is Cannon) I will send you some photos. I haven’t had a Cannon camera in a while. I am planning to compile a fairly comprehensive report on this banner and present it to the local SCV. The UDC for our county is no longer in existence.

Thanks again Sarah! I will be back in touch soon.