Reply To: Condition Report Form for Banners/Flags


Dear Sharon

A very kind colleague who is a textile conservator working on flags and banners (Morwena Stephens) has sent me the list of headings she uses in her condition assessment form which I have added below. You may like to look at the Facebook page of a project we are carrying out to help small, mostly volunteer-run museums across southwest England look after their flags and banners – Flying the Flag

best wishes


========Condition Assessment headings

Object name:

Accession number:



Principal fabric:

Seam stitching:


Seam construction:

Pole, including components, decoration and hanging mechanism:

Dimensions (mm)

Top edge:

Lower edge:

Fly edge:                                                                              Right edge:

Hoist edge:                                                                         Left edge:

Width across centre:

Length across centre:


·         Major structural damage:

o   Loss to field

o   Loss of fringing

o   Splits

o   Severe creasing and/or deformation

·         Minor structural damage:

o   Small holes

o   Small splits

o   Creasing

·         Surface damage:

o   Abrasion of surface decoration

o   Paint loss, flaking and/or cupping

·         Disfigurement:

o   Fading

o   Discoloration

o   Staining

·         Chemical deterioration:

o   Embrittlement of fibres

o   Corrosion of metal elements

o   Fading or discoloration

·         Biological deterioration:

o   Insect infestation of textiles, including fringing

o   Wood boring insect

o   Fungal infestation

·         Damaging old repairs:

o   Adhesive tape

o   Adhered fabric

o   Stitched, causing distortion

·         Accretions:

o   Generalised loose particulate

o   Generalised ingrained

o   Localised from draped display