Reply To: Cleaning Glassware/Glazed Pottery


Dear Amber,
     To clean and handle a delicate item such as glass one needs to be trained first.  Handling is the most challenging, due to risk of dropping. But, if you plan it, have patience, time and if you follow the advice below, you should be just fine.
1.       Clean and wash your hands first, remove all acid or grease.  No gloves are needed – you need the sense of touch/feeling;
2.       Remove jewelry such as; watches, rings, necklaces etc.  Be comfortable. 
3.       Clean the area, make the area dry and clean, with no risk of slipping or falling.    
4.       Have a plastic recipient big enough to place the object, avoid unnecessary touching.  Keep the object in the recipient the entire time, while handling and during the cleaning. Do not put the object in the sink;
5.       Do an evaluation on it first, one objet at a time (condition report), photograph and write everything you see, do and use.  If necessary use magnifying glasses.  If there is previous restoration don’t touch it. STOP – Simply dry clean with a soft brush and leave it alone for a professional conservator;
6.        If you find any crack, but the object is secure – you can dry clean the area or everything, by using brushes, cotton balls and or swabs.  I particular use an air compressor/vapor. After you clean and you are not satisfied you can cover the cracking area, using Mylar and easy to remove tape and wash the hole object using the following products;
7.       Prepare the solution by mixing in clean spray bottle distilled water with non-ionic detergent. Wet the objet, use swabs to gently scrub if is necessary.  After, you should rinse with pure distilled water, and let it dry naturally. And Good luck! If you need any other information just let me know. Regards, Luiza de Marilac .