Reply To: Archaeology Collections Cataloging Software

Kaia Landon

CollectiveAccess allows you to easily duplicate objects, as well as to mass update particular fields. So, if, for instance, we’re talking about 100 items, you would simply duplicate 100 times, search for those, and then update fields (the newest version is supposed to allow this in much the same way Excel does – we’re not on that version yet as it’s still technically in development). (Part of the reason we’re in the midst of moving from PastPerfect to CollectiveAccess is because I don’t like how PP deals with archaeological, geological, and paleontological specimens.)

If all of your fields are the same, except, perhaps the object number and dimensions, it might be easiest (no matter what software you are using) to input the data in Excel where you can simply copy and paste as many lines you need, then adjust the fields that will be different, and then import that to your software of choice.