Reply To: any experience. re: 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid system?

Ann Frellsen

We are using the Ansul Sapphire [3M’s Novec 1230] system to protect our rare books and manuscripts collections. It has not been triggered, so I don’t have personal experience with what happens. But I was reassured by several presentations and articles the vendor has done.

If you google “Ansul Sapphire”  or “3M Novec 1230” you should find several YouTube videos demonstrating the fluid. An example:

and if you go to the 3M site

you will find there more information supporting its use to protect historic and archival collections. I’m not locating it at the moment but when I was doing research on this product a historic collection in Texas had used it to protect their collections when they had a fire. There was an article or video that had them endorsing it. You could contact them.

Ann Frellsen
Emory University Libraries