Reply To: AASLH webinar vs. Modern Archives Institute

Janice Klein

You might find the AASLH webinar a re-run of things you learned in graduate school, but I agree you the MAI program is probably more than you need.    The basic “issue” is that museum collections and archival collections are organized in very different ways with different ways of cataloguing.     Unfortunately these two types of collections are often accessioned in the same system, causing confusion about how then to catalogue and organize.

One of those “big” projects somewhere way out on a back-burner of my infinitive stove (hope that metaphor isn’t too labored) is a session, workshop, webinar, that helps those of us who have to deal with both understand that.    My suggestion would be that you not be afraid to organize the archival materials as archives and the museum collections as museums collections.    (From the limited amount to say, you might actually find a basic museum collections course more useful?)

Anyone else?