Re: To remove or not to remove glued photos

Jane Dalley

There are a couple of options available Brian, but first I would determine why the albums need to be dismantled, as they are a historic document in themselves. Depending on its age, the type of binding can provide information about how people stored and viewed their photographs at a given period in time and that gives the album a context it does not have when the photos are removed, particularly if there is writing on the pages. If deterioration is severe and the photographs need to be removed and treated, I suggest you scan the pages to the highest quality possible, according to nationally accepted standards in order to have a record of the original layout. The photos should be removed by someone trained and experienced in this type of work (e.g. photographic conservator). They can be scanned and copies put back in the orginal album (if salvageable) to preserve its original look. The originals can be stored separately in appropriate enclosures and conditions.

Good luck,