Re: To remove or not to remove glued photos


Thank you for valuable tips on caring for these albums.
I’ll give you a little more background on this issue.
The collection of photos and ephemera came from the family of a couple who opened a dude ranch in this area in the 1940’s. At the time, there was nothing out here. No water, electricity, or utilities of any kind. This area is now a community of 14,000 residents. They were the ones that started it all.
In 2007, a descendant compiled their manuscript into a book on their experiences of building the dude ranch and selling property. To do so, she tore some of the photos out of the album to use in the book. Looking at the album after my original post, I am not sure salvaging the album is very important, especially since there is no writing in it and I noticed there is writing on the backs of the photos she tore out. So they may be of more value removed from the pages.
The question is…do I remove all the residual paper and glue or take them out of the album and leave the residuals on the back of the photos?